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Tyrin Williams: Junior Mentor


Tyrin Williams has been a member of the Life Pieces To Masterpieces family for almost three years. Tyrin, who attends The School Without Walls, grew up in Washington DC’s Ward 5 with his mother Carin and 4 siblings. Tyrin admits that, before coming to his first Saturday Academy session at Life Pieces, he wasn’t sure what to expect: “I was skeptical. But I came to the first session, and it was different. I could tell the people were actually there to help and listen. It wasn’t like listening to a teacher who was just giving commands. There was just a different feel to the whole situation.”


Tyrin’s positive experience at Saturday Academy inspired him to dive deeper into Life Pieces. Fueled by his classes at the Academy, and with the encouragement of Brother Maurice Kie, Tyrin applied for a position as a Junior Mentor. In his view, as he explains in his college essay to Morehouse University, it was transformative:


“As an African—American boy, being employed for the first time at the age of 16 was an amazing accomplishment and opportunity. This transition from childhood to adulthood was unexpected: I did not expect to grow as much as I did. I did not expect to gain the knowledge and skills I learned from being a mentor. However, I underestimated my role as a Junior Mentor. At first, I did not think I would be able to have an effect on the Apprentices’ lives like mentors do: I was only fulfilling my surface duties. For instance, I was helping the Apprentices with homework, distributing snacks, and helping facilitate activities. Meanwhile, the relationships I established between the Apprentices became less surface and got deeper over time. They began placing their trust in me and looking up to me as an older brother.”


Tyrin’s increasing maturity and belief in the Life Pieces to Masterpieces Human Development System has helped him grow not only as a Junior Mentor, but as a son and student. “Living in my household, with four siblings and a single mom, I wanted to take initiative to take stress off my mom. If I could get something I needed, I wanted to be able to do that for myself, “Tyrin explains. “I feel like not only was it meant to be for me to work here, it’s important for me to work here. Basically, Life Pieces to Masterpieces has taught me the importance of serving a cause you believe in.”


Tyrin has been accepted by all 8 schools he applied to, including his dream school: Morehouse College. You can view his common app essay in its entirity below. Congratulations, Tyrin!


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