At first glance, David Adams might not seem like the type of kid who needs Life Pieces To Masterpieces. David, an 8th grader at Kelly Miller Middle School, has been an honor roll student throughout his entire academic career and has always taken enormous pride in his academic success.  His mother, Lorraine Adams – a single mother of two – instilled in David the value of education and hard work at an early age. “I’ve always loved school, but I was shy. I was quiet, and Life Pieces helped me to learn to participate.” In David’s case, Life Pieces has been an important part of his life since he first started six years ago in Brother Lorenzo’s Kings I classroom. “It really helped me to meet people like me, who look like me. My first Life Pieces presentation was my first time presenting anything, and I practiced a lot. When I was done, I felt really good about myself. Life Pieces really helped me with my self-confidence.”

Over the years, David, who also has a younger brother in the program, has seen himself, and the program, grow. In his view, the program’s best attributes might be the sense of brotherhood and family it fosters. “It’s helped me find and make more friends and has opened up my community,” he says. These days, David’s maturity and confidence is on full display in the Legacy classroom. His Co-Educators Brother Mark Voltaire and Brother Frank Hall rave about his leadership skills and positive attitude.  “David is terrific – a model Apprentice,” Brother Mark explains. “He’s positive, he’s intelligent, he’s compassionate. He leads by example. Honestly – and I know all the Apprentices in the class would agree – the Legacy classroom is lucky to have David. He’s special.”

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