We are excited to announce that the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry has accepted our painting “Space Walk” into their 2018 Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition. Read the essay part of the application sent in by Brothers’ Marlon R., David A., and Jeremiah G. below, and check out “Space Walk” in our Art Gallery!

Essay Prompt: Explain the theory behind the artwork, and how it relates to the 2018 theme of “Innovation”

Life Pieces To Masterpieces (LPTM) uses artistic expression to develop character and leadership, unlock potential, and prepare African American boys and young men to TRANSFORM their lives and communities.

Life Pieces has INSPIRED us, Brother Marlon Robinson, Brother David Adams and Brother Jeremiah Gregg, to turn our life challenges into opportunities for self-reliance, resilience, and success. LPTM continues to teach us integrity, character development, and leadership skills while providing Apprentices, like us, with opportunities to discover and activate our innate creative abilities and change our life’s challenges into possibilities through art.

Our collection consists of 2 works of art, entitled Spacewalk & Destiny. Our artwork was engineered to symbolize our limitless and innovative possibilities. Now young men, Life Pieces ENABLES us to dream big and reach for the universe because not even the sky is our limit. Our interpretation of the theme “Innovation” ties what we’ve gained from our experiences at LPTM to the gains of black aeronautical excellence.

Guion Bluford, the 1st African-American Astronaut to travel in space made it possible for Dr. Bernard Harris, Jr. to be the 1st African-American man to perform a space walk. Similar to the legacies of Drs. Bluford & Harris, we serve as trailblazers for our younger brothers in Life Pieces To Masterpieces as they dream big and reach for the stars. We are their Legacy!

Both works of art in our collection, Space Dream Series, were engineered using acrylic paints, canvases and sewing machines.  We, Brothers Marlon, David and Jeremiah, created our masterpieces through an innovative process of designing and cutting images out of canvas, painting the cut-out images with acrylic paint and stitching the acrylic painted canvas onto canvas once the fabric dried. With the guidance of our art teacher, Brother Seneca Wells, we were able to sew together our life pieces to create our masterpieces!