Mary Brown

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Soul Name: Sister Sunshine

As one of Life Pieces To Masterpieces’ Co-Founders in 1996, Mary Brown has worked for decades to create meaningful change in the lives of young people and their families locally and nationally. Sister Mary is currently LPTM’s Executive Director, working with the team to advance the critical mission of using artistic expression to develop character and leadership, unlock potential, and prepare Black boys and young men to transform their lives and communities.

Mary was a member of the national faculty at Neighborworks America for 17 years, responsible for the design, facilitation and evaluation of training programs nationwide for youth development workers, community developers and organizers.

Seneca Wells

Artistic Coordinator

Soul Name: Brother Lionheart

Seneca Wells’ innate creative ability is Art!  He was born in the District of Columbia and grew up with his brothers and sister.  From age 4, Seneca had been drawing his own comic book scripts.  Seneca soon moved on to other art mediums and was inspired by Van Gogh and others of the Renaissance era. While in high school at HD Woodson Seneca’s love for art continued to blossom. He enrolled at Life Pieces To Masterpieces and became one of the lead art apprentices of trained artist Larry Quick. Seneca has been with Life Pieces since 2000.  Life Pieces to Masterpieces uses artistic expression to develop character and leadership, unlock potential, and prepare African American boys and young men to transform their lives and communities. After high school, Seneca enrolled at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, The Art Institute, and is a current Graduate of The New York Institute of Photography.

Loretta Curry

Director of Education and Programs

Soul Name: Aunt Lo

Loretta Curry has been the Director of Programs and Education at Life Pieces To Masterpieces (LPTM) since 2012. She began her journey with LPTM in August of 2005, when she built the early childhood education program at Life Pieces. She worked in Treehouse I and Treehouse II from 2005-2012. A native of New Orleans, Louisiana and a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana in Business Administration, she ensures the high quality of the programs of our Life Pieces To Masterpieces Apprentices. At Life Pieces To Masterpieces she brings over 30 years of experience in early childhood and education.

Tamba Murray

Director of Finance & Operations

Tamba Murray joined Life Pieces to Masterpieces in 2021. He serves as the head of finance, operations, human resources and support services geared to ensure the mission’s objectives are achieved. Tamba has extensive experience in strategic planning, accounting, financial management and reporting, budgeting, grant management and operations working for profit and non profit working in senior strategic management functions in international organizations in United Kingdom and in his home country Sierra Leone. He recently worked in an EBOLA clinical trial study (EBOVAC)as Finance Manager at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK). He earned a Bsc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (UK), Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Wales, Cardiff (UK) and is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA – UK). He has a passion for accountancy and management in non profit and has attended several workshops and short courses in management, leadership, communication and related areas. He enjoys traveling, exploring and experiencing new cultures.

William Pitts

Family Engagement Consultant

Soul Name: Brother Wisdom

William C. Pitts has been a member of the Life Pieces to Masterpieces, Inc. (LPTM) team since 2008, where he is known to all as “Elder Bill.” He started out as a consultant, providing individuals and group counseling sessions to the young African American males which LPTM serve. He became Director of Operations and Programs in 2009 and as of 2014 he became a consultant again for the group.

In 1976 William started his career with the Bureau of Rehabilitation, providing services to DC Youth involved in the Juvenile Court System. He assisted them with forming healthy relationships and interacting effectively with self and others in an effort to achieve and maintain a sense of well being and positive identity. He accepted the position of Residential Manager in 2001 with Covenant House Washington Crisis Center providing services to homeless youth. Elder Bill brings more than 30 years experience in the youth development field. He has extensive experience in providing direct services to young people, conducting program evaluation, budgeting, strategic planning, supervision of staff, training consultant and developing opportunities for youth workers.

Elder Bill has received numerous awards throughout his career including the DC Association of Youth and Child Care Worker’s Presidential Award; Distinguished Services Award from the Inter-Association Child Care Workers and Award of Appreciation from the Bureau of Rehabilitation. He also served on the Board of Directors for the Consortium for Youth Services and held the office of president of the DC Association of Youth and Child Care Workers.

He holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology from the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC. He has completed numerous comprehensive seminars, workshops and classes in the field of youth development. He has been certified as an ARISE Life Skill Instructor.

Andrew Blickle

Institutional Marketing Manager

Soul Name: Brother Tenacious Advocate

Andrew Blickle is an AmeriCorps VISTA alum from Reading, PA. He has been with the organization since completing his VISTA service with LPTM in 2017, currently serving as the Communications & Civic Engagement Manager for Life Pieces To Masterpieces. He graduated Magna cum Laude from American University in 2016, graduating with both a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies and a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics, and is currently in progress of obtaining his Master’s in Public Policy. He has coached baseball at the elementary school level, basketball at the middle school level, and soccer at a collegiate level. He also worked as a UELIP in the DC Public Schools’ Central Office, where he wrote a policy proposal that could transform the DCPS community service graduation requirement into a full service learning program.

Herbert Benjamin

Logistics Manager

Soul Name: Brother Reliable

Herbert Benjamin has been a member of the LPTM family since 1999, not as a staff member but as a father. Mr. B’s son began at LPTM at the age of 8, and stayed until he graduated high school and went to college. Mr. B began volunteering at LPTM in 2006, and officially joined the team in 2009, because he saw the love and community that was given to his son, and wanted to be a part of that community for other boys and young men as well. Mr. B is our Grounds and Facilities Manager, supervising the front line team and ensuring all supplies and equipment are safe, sanitized, and ready for our boys and young men. Each day, Brother Reliable picks up Apprentices from school, drops them off at their homes, repairs equipment, manages maintenance, and practices art with LPTM Apprentices.

Raphael Crawford

Lead Teacher, Legacy

Brother Raphael is the lead teacher supporting LPTM Apprentices ages 10-13. He has worked with youth for more than a decade, and has also worked in the service and restaurant industries. His previous youth experience involves with young people to attain access to college with Peer Forward (formerly the College Summit), a nonprofit organization he is also an alumnus of. He has a degree in culinary arts and brings that innate creative ability to the young men of Life Pieces To Masterpieces, helping them explore unique art forms and practice the skills they are passionate about. Raphael is a lifelong Washingtonian, born and raised here in Ward 7, and is an avid Disney fan.

Kevin Pruitt

Finance & Operations Associate

Soul Name: Brother Generous Heart

Kevin Pruitt serves as LPTM’s Finance and Operations Assistant. He has been with Life Pieces since 2018, working in a number of roles, filling organizational gaps, and building successful systems: an average day can include managing receipts, driving youth to LPTM from a range of schools, and serving meals, earning him his soul name of Brother Generous Heart. He has been in the nonprofit field for more than a decade, and has an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. Born in Alabama and raised in Boston, he is a licensed phlebotomist, a background in finance, and has an additional degree in culinary arts.

Shannon Massey

Lead Teacher, Tree House

Sister Shannon is the Lead Teacher in the Tree House classroom, supporting LPTM’s3-5 year-old students in the afterschool and summer program. She leads Apprentices through daily lessons involving various forms of art, academics, athletics, and character education through LPTM’s Human Development System.

Wendell Brown

Lead Teacher, Kings II

Wendell Brown (“Brother Brown” at Life Pieces) is the Lead Teacher in the Kings II classroom, supporting LPTM’s 8-9 year-old Apprentices in the afterschool and summer program. He leads Apprentices through daily lessons involving engaging STEM experiments and activities, service learning and entrepreneurship projects, various forms of art, academics, athletics, and character education through LPTM’s Human Development System. He also manages and supports two LPTM junior mentors in his classroom.

Nellie Bullock

Major Gifts and Events Associate

Nellie Bullock is a connector for Life Pieces To Masterpieces, working with the Mission Advancement Team to grow the LPTM family and help the wider community connect to our mission. In addition to major gifts and events, Sister Nellie supports the program team, supporting teachers with lesson planning or stepping into the classroom herself to teach “I CAN electives” to LPTM’s young Apprentices.

Stacey Adams

Transportation Associate & Assistant Art Teacher

Soul Name: Brother Commitment

Stacey Adams joined Life Pieces in 2008 as a high school student at Spingarn High School in NE DC, mentoring younger Apprentices. Stacy returned to Life Pieces following technical school, and is currently LPTM’s Transportation Associate, Assistant Art Teacher, and member of the front line team. In addition to his job at LPTM, Stacy is a Communications Technician for WMATA. Stacy is the father of two amazing LPTM Apprentices.

Martha Ramos

Family and Academic Partnerships Liaison / Tree House Teacher

Martha Ramos serves as LPTM’s Family and Academic Partnerships Liaison, working hand-in-hand with the Family Engagement Advisor and Director of Programs and Educations to ensure effective communication to all our families and school partners. She joined LPTM in 2022 as a teacher in the Tree House Classroom, where she continues to teach each afternoon, writing lesson plans and facilitate learning independence for our early childhood Apprentices. Martha is a bilingual educator, having taught for three years in both English and Spanish in Chihuahua, Mexico. She has an additional five years of experience in child care in El Paso, TX. Her experience, positive attitude, bilingual fluency, and compassion for our youth and families allows her to support our LPTM community with a wide range of needs. While at LPTM, is she is currently working towards concurrent degrees: a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at El Paso and a law degree in Chihuahua, MX.

Juan Gonzalez

Education Associate

Juan Gonzalez  serves as a curriculum and education consultant for LPTM, where he develops curricula for LPTM’s OST and school-based programs, and supports LPTM’s Director of Programs and Education in evaluating program staff. He is an Americorps alum who served as an NCCC Team Leader, and a Peace Corps alum who served in Samoa from 2018-2020 as an English Literacy Educator. He earned an MS in Counseling with a concentration in Student Development in Higher Education from California State University, Long Beach and has worked within every sector of education, from elementary school English Language Learner classrooms to college residential life.

Maurice Kie

LPTM Ambassador

Soul Name: Brother Pillar

Mr. Maurice Kie, currently an ambassador for Life Pieces to Masterpieces, has been with this LPTM in some capacity for its full history. Brother Moe was one of the original cohort of seven young men when the program started (1996). He grew up in Life Pieces and is both an architect of the curriculum and one of its greatest success stories. Over the years, Brother Moe has served LPTM in many capacities, including co-educator, youth advisor to the Board of Trustees, and Program Manager. He has studied Education & Psychology at Morgan State University and University of the District of Columbia, and he has a deep commitment to unlocking the potential of young boys and men. For Brother Moe, growing up within and working at Life Pieces showed him how build strength and confidence, and he is devoted to passing that along to the next generation.

Creating Art… Changing Lives.

With love, security, and expression, each of us can become a masterpiece.